2023 Shortlist: Christmas Categories

Aldi Mince Pies, Ballycastle

Lidl Deluxe Butter Speculoos Almond Mince Tarts, De Aviateur

Dunbia Luxury Aberdeen Angus Beef Rump Joint with Beef Dripping Butter

Lidl Deluxe Boneless Dry Aged Beef Rib Roasting Joint, WD Meats

Waitrose & Partners Slow Cooked British Beef Feather Blade with a Beef and Ale Sauce, Dovecote Park

Aldi Specially Selected All Butter Shortbread Rounds

Lidl Favorina Fruit Lebkuchen, Aachener

Lidl Favorina Milk Chocolate Lebkuchen, Aachener

Lidl Favorina Spekulatius, Coppenrath & Wiese

Aldi Cauliflower Popcorn with Buffalo sauce

Aldi Chicken Gyoza

Aldi Mushroom Arancini

Aldi Specially Selected Breaded Panko Prawns

Aldi Specially Selected Chicken Katsu Sliders

Aldi Specially Selected Chicken Peri Peri Sliders

Aldi Specially Selected Chicken Tikka Samosa

Aldi Specially Selected Dim Sum

Aldi Specially Selected Festive Vol au Vents

Lidl Fish & Chip Sliders, Northcoast Seafoods

Lidl Indian Snack Selection, Lakeside

Lidl Specially Selected Katsu Spring Rolls, Lamex

Aldi Specially Selected 5 Year Vintage Cheddar

Aldi Specially Selected 5 Year Vintage Cheese Bake

Aldi Specially Selected Mature Coastal Black Cheddar Truckles with Garlic

Aldi Specially Selected Ultimate Selection Pack

Aldi Specially Selected Hand-cooked Butter Basted Turkey & Stuffing Flavour Crisps

Aldi Specially Selected Hand-cooked Wagyu Dripping Roast Potato Flavour Crinkle Crisps

Dickinson & Morris Festive Showstopper, created by Calum Franklin

Aldi Specially Selected Chocolate and Sea Salt Crown Cake 

Aldi Specially Selected Frozen Filled Millionaires Bauble 

Aldi Specially Selected Blonde Chocolate and Caramel Ganache Show Stopper

Aldi Xmas Limited Editions Holly Lane Chocolate Orange Rocky Road Mini Bites Tubs

Aldi Xmas Limited Editions Holly Lane Snowy Road Mini Bites Tubs

Asda Extra Special Luxury Yule Log, Finsbury Food Group

Aldi Specially Selected Beetroot and Orange Flavoured Smoked Salmon

Lidl Danish Trout with Dill, NORLAX AS EKSPORT

Lidl Deluxe Classic Danish Trout, NORLAX AS EKSPORT

Aldi Specially Selected Bone-In Crackling Gammon Joint

Aldi Specially Selected Slow Cooked Gammon Shank with Treacle Glaze

Lidl Deluxe Bone in Gammon Joint with Clementine Glaze, Karro

Lidl Deluxe Lamb Guard of Honour

Lidl Deluxe Lamb Guard of Honour with a Provencal Herb Rub and Redcurrant and Ruby Port Sauce, Dunbia

Aldi Specially Selected Coquille St Jaques Scallop Gratin

Aldi Specially Selected Scallop and Prawn Thermidor Ramekins 

Aldi Specially Selected Luxury Stollen

Lidl Orange Peel and Chocolate Chip Panettone, Bauli

Asda Extra Special Truffle Pigs in Blankets, ABP Wessex

Aldi Specially Selected Pigs in Blankets

Aldi Slow-Cooked Pork Belly

Lidl Birchwood Stuffed Hog Roast with Apple Sauce, Cranswick

Aldi Loaded Yorkshires

Aldi Specially Selected Apple & Honey Stuffing Stars

Aldi Specially Selected Pork, Caramelised Shallot & Honey Stuffing Portions 

Lidl Deluxe 24-Month Matured Christmas Pudding

Aldi Specially Selected Mince Pies

Lidl Deluxe Mince Pies, Bright Blue Foods

Aldi Specially Selected Festive Vegan Wreath

Aldi Specially Selected Roasted Butternut Squash Bake