A Guide to Entering

1) Categories 
First, you will need to select the correct category for your product. The Quality Food Awards offers a wide range of categories to ensure your products are best placed for judging. Before beginning your entry, please review the category description as listed underneath each category to decipher which category your product is best suited. You can view our categories and criteria here. If you are still unsure where your product should be placed, please contact katie.theofanous@emap.com or atma.hyett@emap.com who will be happy to help you.

Remember, you can enter the awards whether you are the product's retailer or their manufacturer.

Your product must be on sale by Friday 11 November, unless entered into a seasonal category, within the UK for consumers to buy (in-store or online).

Remember the judging criteria when selecting your products: taste; flavour; texture; aroma; ingredients list; value for money; innovation; aims in the marketplace; presentation and packaging – Does the product meet its stated aims in the market, and does it do it well? 

It doesn't necessarily have to be a new product – just a really good one!

2) Information Required

Once you have reviewed the category descriptions and selected the category for your product, you will be required to enter the following information:

  • Product information  - name, launch date, price, weight - Always tell us the price: value for money is an important part of the debate
  • Subcategory - you will be asked to select a subcategory in which you believe your product falls under. This is for guidance only and your product may not be judged in the subcategory if another category is deemed more suitable.
  • Who it is manufactured for if anyone
  • List of ingredients - Judges prefer products with clean ingredients declaration
  • Cooking instructions - Check that they are set out clearly, and written to deliver the product at its’ best for consumption If your product needs other ingredients added, such as baking kits, please make sure that this is clearly stated in the submission.
  • Details of UK listings (instore and online)
  • 100-word product description - to include product USPs and aims in the marketplace. This description will be read out to the judges when they receive your product for tasting so please take care-– judges appreciate being told the “story” behind a product – especially if it has a strong message to communicate.
  • Upload a packshot/photo of the product and also your company logo. In the event you are shortlisted in your category, your product image and logo may be used in the awards presentation, so please make sure these are of a high resolution
  • Follow delivery instructions and delivery deadlines carefully. These will be sent to you at a later date. Please ensure you deliver your products to our judging venue on the dates specified.

You will receive an Entry Confirmation via email as soon as your entry has been submitted, and at the end of June, you will receive full delivery details of where and when to send your products for judging in July and August.
We generally ask for four product samples, as judges see the product’s packaging along with a whole sample cooked, when judging your product.

If you are unsure how many products to send in, please contact
If you have any questions regarding the process, please contact

If you don’t have all of the above information on beginning your entry, please don't forget to click 'Save' as you go, which will add your entry to your “Basket”. You will then be able to return to this point in your entry and complete these details at a later stage.

3) Fees

Entry fee per product: £469 + VAT

Small Producer entry fee (fewer than 10 staff and annual sales under £2 million): £129 + VAT

All entries should be paid for before judging commences on Monday 11 July 2022. Payment can be made by credit card or alternatively by invoice if you select this option.

All Small Producers eligible for a reduced rate should ensure they complete and submit the Small Producer Form (click here to view form) before entering a category. They will be given a discount 'promo code' to input in the box for when they reach the Payment page.