Quality Food Awards Myths - debunked!

Reality: Judges look for value-for-money whatever the rsp.

Realty: Judges are looking for elegant packaging solutions that minimise the amount of material used: they favour recycled and recyclable packaging.

Reality: Judges do their very best to imagine what an unpackaged product might look like when it goes on sale but without a pdf of the design, a list of ingredients and an rsp you are unlikely to do well.

Reality: Our judging panels are fiercely independent and are much more interested in how the products taste than who has entered them

Reality: Our judges do and they are quick to pick up on strange sounding ingredients, unsubstantiated claims or odd-looking nutritional information.

Reality: Product of the Year award has been won by a small, family-run ice cream company and a venison producer who when they entered had no supermarket listings

Reality: Winning products have included a potato and a pot of Greek yoghurt. Simple things done well.

Reality: We have had winning entries that have been on sale for many years (like a pork pie)

Reality: We love receiving entries from innovative brands who have a great product and a strong story.

Reality: If you enter five similar products in a category you run the risk of splitting your support five ways. Enter your best-tasting product.