Small Producer Shortlist 2021

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Congratulations to all the small producers who have been shortlisted for this year's Small Producer Award.

Small Producer Shortlist

We take the recipes of the most popular savoury bakes from around the world and make them healthier, pastry-free and tweak them for the British palate.

We offer over 20 international variations. Like an exotic cheese pie (in the form of a "Khachapuri" that originates from Georgia),

We also maximise the vitamins and minerals contained in the bake by a careful selection of nutrient-dense fillings - many of them vegan and vegetarian.

These are bought by people who avoid old fashioned pasties/pies like the foodie-types of all ages who care about what they eat and look like!

We have created an uncontested space in the UK Savouries food-to-go market. We own the healthy slice of the ‘pie’ market all to ourselves. 

Bio&Me is created by Dr Megan Rossi - The Gut Health Doctor, Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist, with her vision to create a multi-category brand bringing clarity to the world of gut health, making looking after your gut easier and more enjoyable. The prebiotic yoghurt range is packed full of live and active cultures - a massive 700 billion of them! - more than any other yoghurt brand in the UK. The yoghurts are all made with West Country milk and contain no added sugar, artificial sweeteners, thickeners or emulsifiers, and and are lower in lactose. They are high in protein and a source of Calcium, B12, B2 and Phosphorous. Bio&Me is the only brand that carries the prestigious EFSA-approved 'Good for your Gut' health claim.

RESTAURANT FRIED CHICKEN: We were a massively popular fried chicken restaurant, and now help you recreate the same delicious quality fried chicken at home. Pride and quality are essential for us

CLEAN INGREDIENTS: We use good quality ingredients, keeping out all the other junk that fried chicken coatings are known for.

EASY TO MAKE: Dip your chicken into buttermilk or egg & milk. Coat in our Bird Dust and you're ready to deep fry, oven bake or air fry

JOIN US: We're a small team, crazy about perfecting fried chicken. Help us raise the level beyond the usual stuff 

Ice Cream and Ice Lollies
£3.65 per scoop

Caliendo's: resurrecting a family tradition of producing artisanal gelato in the heart of London. Our gelato is churned daily in small batches, on site with organic milk and the highest quality ingredients. We import our Bronte DOP pistachio (locally referred to as Green Gold) directly from the farm situated in rich volcanic soil, where they are hand picked and ground into a paste to our specification. When combined with our bespoke 24 hour aged organic milk and cream gelato base, it creates the depth of flavour and mouthfeel that allows Caliendo's to bring affordable luxury to the people of Kentish Town.

Cooking Ingredients

Heavenly, fragrant of Persian origin, Advieh-E Halegh has a scent of earthy notes from its principal ingredient, cardamom. Enriched with warming cinnamon and laced with sweet rose petals, it provides delicious undertones to beautiful bakes, cakes and puddings. It also pairs handsomely with cocktails like an espresso martini. Believed to originate from modern-day Iran, there are certain cultural practices surrounding this blend. Advieh meaning ‘Spice-mixture’ in Persian, is solely and traditionally blended by household matriarchs and spice merchants. Our aim as a company is to be the vanguard of exotic, gourmet cooking by introducing enticing flavours with carefully formulated blends.

Emunity is the first detox health drink to harness Nettle’s healing and immunity -boosting benefits and make it available in a ready to drink slim line can. Emunity’s founders are two U.K. pharmacists with a passion for helping people stay healthy. Taking an old family recipe, they have blended nettles with British Garden Herbs to create a great tasting, refreshing drink loaded with immune - boosting health benefits . It is 200 natural with no artificial ingredients and only 53 calories per tin. It is suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians. 

Deliciously gooey chocolate brownies with dark chocolate chips. All you need to make these is 200ml of oat milk, 2 tablespoons of your favourite syrup and 50ml Sunflower Oil/Vegan Spread. Gluten free, vegan, free from anything artificial and a great source of fibre! 

Relishes and Chutneys

Aivar needs no introduction to people who’ve visited or lived in South-East Europe. It’s an iconic recipe passed down from generation to generation and is the trademark product of Macedonian cuisine. Made from flame roasting sweet juicy red peppers, then ground with aubergine to give a sweet and creamy condiment, but there’s no added sugar or cream inside! A popular product with many uses as a side serving or as part of a recipe. Pelagonia Aivar preserves the taste and produce of summer throughout the whole year to be enjoyed with salty cheeses, eggs, sandwiches and meze sharing boards.

Good Nude Food was built whilst founder Evonne Morrison was pregnant with twins. The company has grown from start-up to successfully being sold online and in independent stores across the UK, as well as featuring on BBC's Dragons' Den, winning numerous awards and growing a loyal following on social media. Our popular Red Hot Firekraut is a naturally fermented, unpasteurised spicy sauerkraut. It has been described as our “insanely moreish kraut” by customers. Loved by those who can handle some heat. How hot is it? We’d say a medium heat, so not 'blow your head off hot' but it definitely has a decent kick to it. It has a fresh flavour and a crunchy texture. It has an unopened shelf-life of 12 months and can last a couple of months once opened and kept in the fridge (encouraging less food waste). The company only uses local suppliers whenever possible, ensuring the freshest produce is sourced.