2021 Foodservice Shortlist

"This year 2021 Chairing & Judging was again extremely challenging for The Quality Food Awards especially as we understood the stress & concerns in the Hospitality /Food service Sector along with the uncertainty Covid has brought to suppliers in this sector. We again saw some interesting ideas & innovation and products designed & packaged fit for purpose. So it gives me great pleasure to be part of an awards that give recognition and applause to those suppliers, those brands and manufacturers alike to enable them to share in this accolade; Especially during this particularly difficult time with rising costs, disruption to supply chain and changing consumer tastes & demands. Congratulations to all those shortlisted and I encourage those recognised to use the QFA logo to the best of their ability & encourage others to enter in 2022." 

Stephen Minall, Foodservice Chair of Judges

We are delighted to share with you the 2021 Foodservice shortlist. Well done to all those that made it to the list.

Bread and Morning Goods

Brakes La Boulangerie 4 Vegan Potato Buns

Brakes La Boulangerie Artisan Seeded Loaves

Brakes La Boulangerie Extra Thick Traditional Sourdough Tin Loaf



Cakes and Desserts

Booker Chef's Larder Belgian Waffles

Brakes Vegan Jaffa Cake




Booker Chef's Larder Ready to Serve Devon Custard

Booker Crunch Extra Mature Cheddar

Brakes Burrata Bocconcini




Bidfood Rockport Fish Cod Supreme

Brakes M&J British MSC Hake Supreme Skin on Boneless

Brakes Moy Seafood Cooked Octopus Tentacles



Free From

Brakes Gluten Free Batter Mix

Re:Nourish Immunity Soup Kale, Spinach & Turmeric




Brakes Bread & Butter Pickles

Brakes Spicy Chip Seasoning



Meal Accompaniments

Booker Chef's Larder Premium Super Skinny Gourmet Julienne Fries

Brakes Mixed Kale & Savoy Cabbage




Judges’ choice


Ready to Cook

Brakes M&J Mac & Cheese Smoked MSC Haddock Fishcakes

Brakes Vegan Soya Keema



Booker Chef's Larder Premium Sourdough Pizza Pucks

Brakes Pumpkin Mac Cheese Bites

Merchant Gourmet Ready to Eat Green Chickpeas



Soft Drinks

Judges’ choice



Vegan Ingredients

Brakes Gluten Free Fine Chicken Gravy Granules

Brakes Plant-Based Cumberland Sausage

Brakes Vegan 'Eggless' Mayo Savoury Filling




Judges’ choice





Foodservice - Bread and Morning Goods

Based on the famous American potato roll, this pre-sliced vegan bun is enriched with soya milk so it doesn't compromise on taste. Made with mashed potato to ensure the texture is marshmallow soft whilst also sturdy enough to hold up to the juiciest patty - vegan or otherwise. 

A blend of pumpkin, sunflower, linseed and millet seeds are both mixed into the dough and hand coated to the loaf for an exquisite crust. Craft, know-how and traditional methods go into producing our range of delicious artisan breads. Hand-folded and fermented for four hours to give a waxy, open-textured crumb, and fully baked to a golden brown colour Thaw - and for best results - quickly flash in the oven before serving.

A real sourdough made with traditional long fermented and craft methods. Baked in a traditional tin and pre-sliced to provide consistent sizing but with heavy sour notes that come with a 26% sourdough product. Produced in a bakery with 180 years of heritage in craft baking methods. Perfect for premium sandwiches and amazing toast!

Foodservice - Cakes and Desserts

This delicious, versatile product is a professional catering waffle. Large in size, made with real butter and pearl sugar which gives a superior flavour and texture.

Individually wrapped (clear film - selling unit is a case of 20) for freshness and storage to reduce wastage. Can be served hot or cold and form part of many sweet and savoury dishes (see fully photographic box)

Contains: No artificial preservatives, No artificial colours and suitable for vegetarians. 

With the continued growth in vegan it was important we continued to develop on trend products for the coffee shop market. This delightful three layers of orange flavoured sponge is layered with an orange flavour gel filled & side masked with chocolate icing; pre-cut into 14 portions.

Foodservice - Dairy/Non-Dairy


This ready to serve Devon custard is light and creamy. Using skimmed milk gives it a delicious smooth taste and texture finished with light vanilla notes. This own label custard gives our caterers the opportunity to save money without compromising on quality. Serve hot or cold. Bain-marie stable. Gluten free. No artificial colours or preservatives. Suitable for vegetarians.

An impressively complex and full flavoured cheese with a satisfying crunch from the mature crystals. Produced in the multi award winning Taw Valley Creamery and expertly graded. Matured for a minimum of 18 months. The perfect cheddar for a luxury cheeseboard and suitable for vegetarians.

Italian cow's milk cheese ,a solid outer shell with a soft centre. Perfect for a centre-of-plate or starter option. 4 x 10 x 55g individual portions, simply thaw and serve.

Foodservice - Fish

Cod is a round fish which lives in cold / salt water and is generally wild caught but can also be farmed. Cod fish have a medium texture of flesh and a lower oil content than fish such as mackerel. The flavour is medium. Most famous as the choice for fish and chips - there is a lot more to cod than as a fish for battering!

Icelandic cod is very sustainable with an MCS rating of 1. We do not source from UK waters due to the poor sustainability credentials of the stock.

British caught, single frozen Hake portioned into centre-cut Supremes for chunkier, more consistent fillets. Hake is a fantastic alternative to Cod or Haddock, and being British caught offers brilliant provenance for menus.

Perfect for those looking to put something different on the menu and save time without the required skill needed to prep. This cooked octopus tentacle is great when sliced and served cold in a salad, a favoured dish in Spain, Portugal and Italy. Another serving idea - slice the octopus tentacle thinly and drizzle with extra virgin olive oil as a carpaccio or tapas dish.

Foodservice - Free From

Simply add water for a crispy light texture batter with a pale golden colour, suitable for coating fish or chicken. Suitable for vegan and gluten free diets. Perfect to create vegan 'fish' and chips with the 2020 Q award winner banana blossom.

Our Immunity Soup is full of tasty nutritional goodness. It's a source of Vitamin C and contributes to the normal function of the immune system as part of a healthy lifestyle and balanced diet. It is also rich in Vitamin A, E, K and Calcium. It is Vegan, Gluten Free, totally Allergen Free, Low Fat, High Fibre and free from artificial preservatives and additives with No Added Sugar.

It is packaged in a bespoke bottle which is microwavable, BPA free, fully-recyclable, portable and climate neutral. Our unique bottle allows for fast, healthy nutrition on the go without the need for utensils and can be served and consumed with minimal handling (which is so important in today's Covid world). 

Foodservice - Ingredients

Slices of cucumber in a spiced pickle liquor, that gives a fresh intense flavour. Great for topping a premium burger, or as a garnish to any sharing platter. The story behind the name is that during the depression era they survived rough years by making the pickles with their surplus of undersized cucumbers bartering them with the grocer for staples such as bread and butter.

A fiery blend with red peppers, garlic, chilli, herbs & spices. Heat treated ready to eat product, ready to season straight onto the chips as soon as they come out the oven or fryer. Comes in a handy, clear resealable jar to keep contents fresher for longer. Ideal for adding flavour quickly and simplistically.

Foodservice - Meal Accompaniments

New to our range of premium coated chips, the Julienne cut is a favourite with Fast Food caterers as they are thin, so cook quick. The addition of the premium coating not only gives great flavour and crispy outer, it also retains the heat for longer making them perform better for food deliveries. Other features for this professional product are:

• Cooked in Sunflower Oil (not Palm Oil)

• Gluten Free

• Vegan

• No Artificial Colours

• FSA Salt Compliant

• Freeze Chill – For customers with limited storage - fries can be stored at 1°C to 5°C, in unopened bags, for up to four days.

Individual portion of Kale and Savoy Cabbage. No preparation required simply place a frozen sachet in the microwave as required. Ideal for those customers who are looking to save on labour. No wastage as simply take out only what is required.

Foodservice - Ready to Cook

Macaroni blended with a rich mature Cheddar cheese sauce with smoked haddock, coated in breadcrumbs & flash fried; 25x100g approximately. Developed to be multi use to the caterer, either as a starter or light lunch or use two for a main meal.

Fully prepared Indian dish that is suitable for vegans, cooked soya mince in curried spice sauce with peas and shallots. Alternatively use as an ingredient for your vegan keema naan or side dishes.

Foodservice - Savoury


Large pizza dough puck, ideal for a 12” thin and crispy pizza base, which also adds value for our customers with the inclusion of sourdough, to not only enhance flavour but profits too. Aimed at all caterers including takeaways and delivery, pubs and restaurants.

Under the Chef's Larder Premium brand to ensure regular quality control tests on both sites and products. A fantastic time saving product for our professional caterers. Contains no artificial colours or preservatives, suitable for Vegans and is Halal.

Nostalgia with a squash twist, these small macaroni cheese bites are flavoured with pumpkin for a sweet smooth texture and mozzarella for a stringy structure. Ideal for starters or sharer boards. Suitable for vegetarians so hitting multiple market trends.

Our Green Chickpeas are picked fresh from the vine and rushed from the field to be washed, blanched and flash frozen. They have a smooth yet crunchy texture, sweet flavour and are naturally high in protein. From soups, dips, snacks, falafels to stir-fry, this little power-packed ingredient can do it all. It can fit into many different cultural dishes, you are only limited by your imagination.


1. IQF food can be more nutrient-dense and convenient. Flash freezing maintains that ‘fresh picked’ flavour and higher levels of vitamins than the same items sold fresh, because it’s not breaking down during the supply chain

2. IQF food helps reduce food waste, by only using what you need and storing the rest in the freezer.

This type of chickpea is new to the market giving our chefs easy access to an innovative yet versatile ingredient to help wow their customers.

Foodservice - Vegan Ingredients

Brakes Chicken flavour quick-dissolving fine gravy granules packed in a large resealable plastic tub. For a consistent product, perfect for Sunday pub roasts. Gluten free to remove the complexity of having multiple gravies.

With the continued growth in vegan it was important we developed key staple ingredients to compliment our vegan range. Formed textured soya protein sausages with sage and black pepper seasoning; 30g x 50g approximately.

Chopped tofu with spring onions coated in a vegan mayo dressing; 1kg, recommended 20 portions. With a refrigerated shelf life of 72 hours from opening, it is a great time-saving fully-prepared ready to eat savoury filling that is perfect in any sandwich or heated. It makes a fantastic vegan scrambled 'egg'.