Marmite Houmous, Fresh-Pak Chilled Foods
Marmite Houmous, Fresh-Pak Chilled Foods

Under license from Unilever we combined the unique umami flavour of Marmite with the smooth richness of houmous creating a completely different product in Chilled Dips.

Appealing to Marmite lovers and new audiences alike, the demand for a ‘love it or hate it‘ flavoured houmous was answered in July 2020.

Loyal Marmite fans love trying out new ways to enjoy their favourite spread. Meanwhile, the vegan community embraced the combination of two of their favourite spreads and created a social media storm in the world of houmous!

A category dominated by own-brand, Marmite Houmous brings a completely new proposition, strengthened by the Marmite name.

Marmite Houmous is set to be a £1.6m brand in its first year, the second biggest brand in Chilled Dips