Cold Beverages Categories

Categories include all juices, smoothies, cold pressed, carbonates, waters, cordials, milkshakes, whether fizzy, still or flavoured

Flavoured Milk and Milkshakes

Inclusive of all flavoured milk and milkshake products. 

£ 464.00 +VAT (20%)

Juices and Smoothies

Inclusive of all juices and smoothie products. 

£ 464.00 +VAT (20%)

Cold Pressed

Inclusive of all cold pressed beverages. 

£ 464.00 +VAT (20%)

Squash and Cordial

Inclusive of all squash and cordial products. 

£ 464.00 +VAT (20%)


Inclusive of all carbonates cold beverages including pressé.

£ 464.00 +VAT (20%)


Inclusive of all water products including tonic water, soda water and flavoured waters.

£ 464.00 +VAT (20%)