Store Cupboard Categories

Categories include home baking kits, herbs and spices, salts, oils and vinegars, all canned goods except Soup

Cans and Jars

Cans or jars designed to be kept in the pantry e.g. tinned peas, tuna, gravy granules. Excludes Soup and Cooking Sauces

£ 464.00 +VAT (20%)

Cooking Ingredients

Ingredients used to supplement a meal e.g. breadcrumbs, stock, broth, passata

£ 464.00 +VAT (20%)


Inclusive of all unprepared eggs e.g. chicken, duck, quail, and varieties e.g. blue, brown

£ 464.00 +VAT (20%)

Herbs, Spices and Salt

Any herb, spice or salt, including flavoured, to add to a meal

£ 464.00 +VAT (20%)

Home Baking

Home Baking Kits designed to simplify a baking process e.g. bread or cake mixes, biscuit and pancake mixes, or any toppers or decorations e.g. cooking chocolate, edible decorations

£ 464.00 +VAT (20%)

Oils and Vinegars

Any oil or vinegar to use in cooking or add to a meal e.g. balsamic vinegar, rapeseed oil

£ 464.00 +VAT (20%)