Co-op Irresistible Limited Edition Coffee Pods
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Co-op has championed Fairtrade since 1994, and in 2003 converted all our coffee to Fairtrade. In 2020 we introduced our Irresistible Limited Edition; available as beans, roast & ground, and pods for customer convenience. Sits alongside our all year round single origins, specially selected from new origins across the globe, purchasing crops from farmers and showcasing the wonderful variety each terroir produces. Because of the boom of the in-home barista, and thirst for café culture during the pandemic, customers want variety. This Ugandan origin from Bukonzo Kasese has notes of caramel & apple. This co-operative recently invested in farming techniques to improve yields for the future, while also helping pay for school fees, medical expenses and better housing. *The Ugandan option may have sold out by November as it’s a fixed volume buy, and we move to Papa New Guinea next (the coffee isn’t ready yet to showcase).