Asda Free From Green Pesto, CLAS SPA
Asda Free From Green Pesto, CLAS SPA
Free From Savoury

Based on an authentic Italian recipe, originally from the city of Genoa in the Northern Italian region of Liguria, this recipe is bursting with the flavours of fragrant and freshly picked Italian basil, potatoes and pine nuts. These ingredients are all carefully blended to make this an ideal sauce to accompany a plate of pasta, rice or grains, even better as it is gluten, egg and milk free.

Free from green pesto is free from allergens, GMO’s, and ingredients of animal origin.

Try it as a snack on a slice of bread or on crackers, or as a condiment for a fresh vegetable salad.

Ready for consumption, it requires no further cooking. This pesto is approved by the Vegan Society.