Christmas - Meat Categories 

Includes all Christmas meat items

Christmas - Meat (Excluding Turkey)

Any meat other than turkey that would be served at Christmas e.g. beef joints, gammon, goose etc

£ 464.00 +VAT (20%)

Christmas - Turkey

Includes whole turkeys and turkey centrepieces

£ 464.00 +VAT (20%)

Christmas - Pigs in Blankets

Includes any pig in blankets, regardless of size

£ 464.00 +VAT (20%)

Christmas - Meat and Fish Starters

Any meat or fish product specifically designed for the festive period to be served as a starter course e.g. pate, scallops

£ 464.00

Christmas - Fish

Including smoked salmon (smoked salmon specifically marketed for the festive period)  and fish and seafood centrepieces (Fish and seafood served at Christmas as an alternative to turkey)

£ 464.00 +VAT (20%)