Winning an  Quality Food Award doesn't end on the night.  Publicising your win and shouting about it means your consumers know how amazing your products are too! Here's what some previous winners have to say about winning a Q...

"Best £125 I have ever spent. The Awards sit at my desk every day; to be associated with winning the ‘Q’s has such great gravitas when you talk to people – it truly is amazing.”
Chris Beech, Founder, Luhv Drinks 

“Taking home the crown for Christmas Retailer of the Year really highlights our seasonal brand message ‘Make Christmas a Lidl Special. We have been actively promoting this accolade in all our communications – the expert judging and third party recognition is a great testament to our outstanding quality and great value offering.”
Maya Orr, Senior Marketing and Advertising Manager, Lidl GB

“Winning at the Quality Food Awards was so good. It’s so great hearing from someone else that the product you spent four months making in your kitchen is good enough to beat some of the guys that have been around for hundreds of years.”
Stuart McDonald, Founder, Manilife