Baby Quality Food Awards Judging Process

The Baby Quality Food Awards’ judging process is underpinned by Campden BRI’s expertise. Campden BRI will use what it refers to as Home Usage Testing, otherwise known as HUT, which will see real consumers – mums and their babies - test the products prior to launch. HUT testing is beneficial for types of products that cannot be conducted under normal test conditions, such as baby products and non-food items.

Campden BRI will recruit parents/guardians of babies/infants that match the age range noted on the products/and babies/infants that consume those categories e.g. for breakfast cereals we will look for babies/infants, 6months and onwards, that eat breakfast cereals. The consumers (parent/guardian) are taken from the Campden BRI Consumer Database. Respondents (consumers) that meet client/product criteria, are invited to take part in a study in their own home environment, using product in real time situations/occasions. Once consumers receive their products at home, the consumers will follow instructions for serving/feeding amounts and timings (therefore adding a layer of control).

Feedback is gathered from them via a controlled online survey, with the responses typically gathering information on appearance, flavour and texture, in order to assess whether the product is meeting consumer expectations in terms of acceptance, liking and preference. Data can also be captured on preparing/cooking samples, along with feedback on packaging and on-pack instructions. 

In the month following the awards announcement, every entrant will then receive full extensive feedback for each product.